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When Fear Comes

[Social]  When Fear Comes By Chris Hedges Posted January 17, 2017 When I returned to the newsroom at The New York Times after being booed off a commencement stage in 2003 for denouncing the invasion of Iraq, reporters and editors lowered their heads or turned away...

We Never Voted for Corporate Rule

[Social] We Never Voted for Corporate Rule by David Korten Posted January 12, 2017 The $66 billion sale of Monsanto is yet another reminder of how corporations have colonized the world and subverted democracy. To regain our future, we must claim our right to popular...

The False Economic Recovery Narrative Will Die In 2017

[Social] The False Economic Recovery Narrative Will Die In 2017 by Brandon Smith Posted January 10, 2017 The globalists (in their twisted view) seek to change lead into gold, and just as in alchemy, these elements are a metaphor for psychological evolution. For the...


[Social] Metaknowledge by George Musser Posted January 2, 2017 Crowds aren’t as smart as we thought, since some people know more than others. A simple trick can find the ones you want. Metaknowledge functions as a powerful bullshit detector. It can separate crowd...

What the robots are doing to the middle class

[Social]  What the robots are doing to the middle class By Paul Buchheit Posted December 12, 2016 We will need a guaranteed income, ideally through guaranteed jobs, with the implementation of a financial transaction tax, and with a commitment to alternative energy...

Our “Gaslight” Economy

[Social]  Our "Gaslight" Economy By Charles Hugh Smith Posted December 12, 2016 If you don't like what these charts are saying, please notify The Washington Post to add the St. Louis Federal Reserve to its list of Russian propaganda sites. Yesterday I described our...

The Mafia State

[Social]  The Mafia State By Chris Hedges Posted December 7, 2016 Systems of governance that are seized by a tiny cabal become mafia states. The early years -- Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton in the United States -- are marked by promises that the pillage will benefit...

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