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The Outside and the Inside

The Outside and the Inside
by Zen Gardner
Posted August 12, 2017

outsiderAre You a True Outcast? If so, treasure it. In fact cherish it. There’s freedom there. You don’t want to be “accepted” or on the inside of any confinement system in this low dimension. In fact, just about everything we experience in this realm of limitation is a potential trap, no matter how innocuous anything may seem. Anything that limits or even hints at conditions and restrictions, watch out. If it encloses, encircles, is conditional and draws unnecessary boundaries, it’s not your friend and it’s time to make tracks outta there.

It’s just another control system within the overarching control matrix, no matter how cleverly disguised. We draw these conditions upon our unawakened selves. Layers upon layers of them. But we’re getting there as we work our way out of the cocoon we were born into and our wings of truly awakened flight develop. More…

Swallowing the Jagged Red Pill: Transcending the Matrix Profile

Swallowing the Jagged Red Pill: Transcending the Matrix Profile
by Gary Z McGee
Posted August 8, 2017

take the red pillImagine the Matrix combined with Plato’s Cave. We were all born into this cave. None of us had a choice. This cave is a prison for un-individuated egos and un-actualized souls who stick together out of blind faith based upon fear and paranoia.

Some prisoners hang around each other more than others and inadvertently form gangs (tribes, nations, religions), which they become devoted to, also out of fear and paranoia. This represents the majority of people.

Most people are prisoners to both the prison of the cave and to the peer pressure of their particular gang. And most people never escape this prison/matrix/cave. They remain in a state of paranoia and fear their entire lives. It’s an all too common tragedy. But escape is possible, albeit improbable. More…

Letting Go

Letting Go
By Josh Mitteldorf
Posted August 2, 2017

rainbow woodsFrom animals descended, we retain an intuition that
_____sustained our forebears for a billion years.

We’re out of touch with nature–and ourselves–but there’s a distant Eden past,
_____toward which an inner driver steers.

This fundamental conflict pits our primal innocence against
_____the comforts and security we cherish.

If we drop the tiller, navigate on autopilot through the
_____concrete jungle–will we thrive or perish?


How Many Russians Do You Hate?

How Many Russians Do You Hate?
by Robert Gore
Posted July 31, 2017

we are told who to hateHow many Russians do you hate? Chinese? North Koreans? Iranians? Syrians? Yemenis? If, aggregated, your answer was zero, your answer is typical.

Perhaps you were rejected once by someone you loved, whom you wanted to love you. It’s surprising how quickly love can become hate. You hated, bitterly, for a long time. Then you realized your hate wasn’t just ineffectual—the hated one had moved on, oblivious to your antipathy—it was warping you, closing you off to the good that life offers. You were only hurting yourself, so you let it go, reopening the door to positive possibilities and opportunities. More…

“Innocence is complicity”

“Innocence is complicity”
By Dave Lefcourt
Posted July 27, 2017

your silence is complicity“Innocence is complicity”. That’s a quote from an old Chris Hedges column writing about Americans. It struck me then and still resonates to this day.

I believe we’re a nation of those who see themselves as “innocent” as in “I didn’t do anything wrong so how could I be responsible?”-never mind “complicit”. That’s a concept requiring reflection.

After the Snowden revelations came out I was talking with a neighbor who I occasionally talked politics. I asked her what she thought of the NSA surveillance of everyone’s electronic communications and her response was, “I haven’t done anything wrong so why should I worry”.   Most Americans have drunk the kool-aid. Fully absorbed the government’s propaganda, been thoroughly indoctrinated without really thinking about it. Then it’s all reinforced by the governments unofficial mouth piece, the complicit, enabling corporate MSM. And like the “good German’s in Hitler’s 1930’s Germany are the “good Americans” of today. More…

Consumer, citizen or …? Revisioning language for a partnership economy

Consumer, citizen or …? Revisioning language for a partnership economy
by Ann Amberg
Posted July 25, 2017

are you citizen, a consumer, or ___We are excited to announce that Australia-based Caring Economy leader Sabrina Chakori has contributed a chapter in the new book Positive Steps to a Steady State Economy, edit. by Haydn Washington: Consumer, citizen or a new definition? The necessity to change both the term and our behaviour.

Sabrina questions the assumption that to be a consumer is responsible citizenship, and suggests that the challenge of this century is to reconceptualise our role in the economy. If people as consumers are primarily identified as economic entities, where does that leave culture, creativity, self-actualization and our capacity to evolve towards healthy and whole economic systems that embrace partnership values? More…

Spotlight On … Hospicare and Palliative Services of Tompkins County

Spotlight On … Hospicare and Palliative Services of Tompkins County
By Rob Montana
Posted July 22, 2017

local organizations helping the communityNon-profit organizations are plentiful throughout Tompkins County, and make a big impact in our communities. Despite their contributions, area non-profits can sometimes go unnoticed or unknown. In an effort to shine a spotlight on those who are making a difference in our county, Tompkins Weekly will be showcasing these organizations on a regular basis.

This week we are highlighting Hospicare and Palliative Services of Tompkins County, a community resource that provides hospice care to people with terminal diagnosis, relief during illness and bereavement support for people who are grieving a loss.

Our mission is to bring medical expertise and compassionate, respectful care to people and their loved ones at any stage of a life-threatening illness and to provide information and education about advanced illness, dying, and bereavement to the entire community. More…

Too often the main stream media focuses on things that are wrong, but not on all of the wonderful things that are right in society. This series of articles takes a refreshing look at success stories.

Wild Bees Can Help Honey Bees—How Your Yard Can Support Them

Wild Bees Can Help Honey Bees—How Your Yard Can Support Them
By Lori Panico
Posted July 6, 2017

wild bees are hardier than domestic onesAlthough farmers have come to rely on imported honey bees, wild pollinators are hardier. By now we’ve all heard that domesticated honeybee populations continue to decline, endangering our food systems. Although farmers have come to rely on imported species of domesticated honeybees, hardier wild bees do some of the work, too. There are 4,000 native bee species in North America. They support natural ecosystems by keeping a healthy diversity among pollinators. But even they are facing threats. Here’s how to be a backyard beekeeper for wild bees.

Including native plants in your garden and yard will help provide habitat and sustenance for bees year round. By researching which native plants are most helpful to bees, you can plan a garden that is beneficial to their seasonal needs. More…

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