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The Age of We Need Each Other

The Age of We Need Each Other
By Charles Eisenstein
Posted January 19, 2018

needing each otherI had a vision of a spiritual being that came to me and said, “Charles, is it really your wish that the work you do fulfill its potential and exercise its right role in the evolution of all things?”

“Yes,” I said, “that is my wish.”

“OK then,” said the being. “I can make that happen, but you will have to pay a price. The price is that you will never be recognized for your role. The story you are speaking will change the world, but you will never get credit for it. You will never get wealth, fame, or prestige. Do you agree to pay that price?”

I tried to worm my way out of it, but the being was unyielding. If it was going to be either-or, how could I live with myself knowing in my heart of hearts I’d betrayed my purpose? So I consented to its offer. More…

5 Reason To Join A Bikram Yoga Class

5 Reason To Join A Bikram Yoga Class
by Karen Reed
Posted January 14, 2018

spiritual  health goes hand in hand with physical healthOut of all forms of exercise, Bikram yoga is something you can do daily. There are 26 different poses that are all good for daily healing. You’ll empower both your mind and your body.

It’s often difficult to get into a daily routine. You may find it hard to get to the gym or feel self-conscious about your body. Bikram yoga classes are full of likeminded people, who just want to go for the benefits. They’re not bothered about the way you look or the fact that you haven’t done a yoga class before. People there will support and encourage you.

Getting into a daily routine is essential. You’ll find it easier to stick to the habit that you create. More…

A Great Turning: The Process

A Great Turning: The Process
by David Korten
Posted January 6, 2018

taking from the many to benefit the fewSomewhere around 3,000 BC, the more ambitious among us discovered they could use the tools and abilities developed during the initial separation from Eden to dominate nature and their fellow humans. Kings and emperors organized great empires under their personal rule. They expropriated nature’s gifts and the surplus of human labor beyond bare subsistence to feed great armies to suppress the many and live in self-glorification. Some ruled in the name of a god. Others claimed to be gods.

The ruling classes then and now, expropriated the wealth created by nature and human labor and squandered it on wars, opulent luxuries, and the military and police power and prisons by which they secure their privilege.

he ruthless domination and exploitation of Imperial Civilization have reached the limits of what the living systems of Earth and society can and will endure. We face an epic choice. More…

7 Next-Level Mind Hacks that Can Change Everything

7 Next-Level Mind Hacks that Can Change Everything
by Gary ‘Z’ McGee
Posted January 1, 2018

you can create change by changing yourselfYou don’t have to be a genius to be creative, but you do have to be creative to be a genius. Similarly, you don’t have to be awesome to not suck, but you do have to not suck to be awesome. There seems to be a theme here. In order to be an awesome genius, or at least to strive to be one, we should endeavor to be more creative and to suck less. Easier said than done, sure. But as Baruch Spinoza said, “All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare.”

The following next-level mind hacks are tools we can use to leverage a little more creativity and a little less suckiness into our lives. As the great Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “In the minds of geniuses, we find – once more – our own neglected thoughts.” More…

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