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Why Do Some People Support Tyranny While Others Defy It?

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Why Do Some People Support Tyranny While Others Defy It?
by Brandon Smith
Posted September 26, 2021

people easily manipulatedThere is a fundamental question that haunts the pages of history and it is one that has never been addressed in a satisfactory manner. There are many schools of thought on why and how tyranny rises in any given society and all of them miss the mark in terms of explanations, primarily because they all allow their biases to rule their conclusions and blind them to the deeper aspects of power and conspiracy. In other words, they are willing to go down the rabbit hole only so far, and then they deny that the rabbit hole even exists.

In our modern era, people cannot merely be ordered to submit at gunpoint, at least not right away. They must be tricked into conforming, and not only that, but they must be made to think that it was THEIR IDEA all along. Without this dynamic of self censorship and self enslavement, the population will eventually rebel no matter how oppressive the regime. A thousand year tyranny cannot exist unless a number of people are conned into applauding it, or, they directly benefit from it.

This strange and destructive characteristic is ever visible today in light of the covid lockdowns and the push for forced vaccinations. It is clear that there are some people out there that are overly concerned with the personal health decisions of everyone else. The science and the stats prove there is nothing for them to worry about from the virus, but they ignore the science. More…

The Astonishing Hubris of a Global Experimental Vaccine

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The Astonishing Hubris of a Global Experimental Vaccine
By Larry Sanger
Posted September 25, 2021

gambling with future healthIt is an objective, indisputable fact: never in the history of the world has there been a global push to administer an experimental medicine to all of humanity, billions of us, at the same time.

I want you to stop and reflect on that. Imagine the hubris it required both to carry out this plan and to propagandize the world to carry it out.

You have to be willing to trust the welfare of billions of people not just to the honesty of our leaders and scientists—because things can go wrong for decent people. You must also trust their competence—and not just that, because competent people can make surprising, unforeseeable mistakes. You must also trust that we avoided the worst, that we dodged a bullet, and that they actually succeeded in making a more or less safe vaccine. More…

The Road to Totalitarianism

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The Road to Totalitarianism
by C.J. Hopkins
Posted September 24, 2021

this is not a game, it is happening right nowAnyone who knows anything about the history of totalitarianism, how it incrementally transforms society into a monstrous mirror image of itself, has known since the beginning what the “New Normal” is, and we have been shouting from the rooftops about it.

We have watched as the New Normal transformed our societies into paranoid, pathologized, authoritarian dystopias where people now have to show their “papers” to see a movie or get a cup of coffee and publicly display their ideological conformity to enter a supermarket and buy their groceries.

The global-capitalist ruling establishment is implementing a new, more openly totalitarian structure of society and method of rule. They are revoking our constitutional and human rights, transferring power out of sovereign governments and democratic institutions into unaccountable global entities that have no allegiance to any nation or its people.

That is what is happening … right now. It isn’t a TV show. It’s actually happening.

The time for people to “wake up” is over. At this point, you either join the fight to preserve what is left of those rights, and that sovereignty, or you surrender to the “New Normal,” to global-capitalist totalitarianism. I couldn’t care less what you believe about the virus, or its mutant variants, or the experimental “vaccines.” This isn’t an abstract argument over “the science.” It is a fight … a political, ideological fight. On one side is democracy, on the other is totalitarianism. Pick a fucking side, and live with it. More..

Nearly 15,000 Deaths, More Than 700,000 Injuries Reported to VAERS Since December 2020 Rollout of COVID Vaccines in U.S.

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Nearly 15,000 Deaths, More Than 700,000 Injuries Reported to VAERS Since December 2020 Rollout of COVID Vaccines in U.S.
By Megan Redshaw
Posted September 23, 2021

over 700,000 adverse reactions to Covid vaccineData released Sept. 17 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that between Dec. 14, 2020 and Sept. 10, 2021, a total of 701,561 adverse events following COVID vaccines were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). The data included a total of 14,925 reports of deaths — an increase of 419 over the previous week.

There were 91,523 reports of serious injuries, including the reports of deaths, during the same time period — up 3,352 compared with the previous week.

Excluding “foreign reports” filed in VAERS, 559,462 adverse events, including 6,756 deaths and 43,073 serious injuries, were reported in the U.S. between Dec. 14, 2020 and Sept. 10, 2021.

Of the 6,756 U.S. deaths reported as of Sept. 10, 12% occurred within 24 hours of vaccination, 17% occurred within 48 hours of vaccination and 31% occurred in people who experienced an onset of symptoms within 48 hours of being vaccinated. More…

We Will Not Comply: A Campaign Against Medical Tyranny

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We Will Not Comply: A Campaign Against Medical Tyranny
by Brandon Smith
Posted September 23, 2021

we will not complyWe are dealing with a virus that around 99.7% of people will easily survive according to the medical establishment’s own studies and stats as well as numerous independent studies, yet, for some reason we are being bombarded with fear mongering from the media and from governments.

Why is the only solution being suggested to the general public involve us giving up all of our freedoms and medical autonomy? Why is 99.7% of the population supposed to lock down, mask up and submit to an experimental mRNA vaccine with no long term testing data to prove its safety? Why don’t the 0.26% of people that are truly at risk of dying from the virus simply take precautions or stay home while the rest of us get on with normal life?

Who has the right to control your medical decisions? Who is qualified to control your constitutional right to life, liberty and the right to seek out prosperity? Who should be given the power to tell you what you can say, where you can work, where you can buy, where you can sell, where you can walk, where you can travel, what you must believe in? More…

Monopoly Isn’t A Game, It’s A Prophecy

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Monopoly Isn’t A Game, It’s A Prophecy
by Jared A. Brock
Posted September 22, 2021

monopoly, its the end gameWe’re living out the insidious rules in real-time. As a game of Monopoly progresses, every property with a house on it is eventually turned into a passive rental property. This is already the lived reality for America’s 115.4 million renters, who fork over their hard-earned after-tax dollars to 23.7 million extractive landlords.

But that’s only half the prophecy.

The century-old game predicted, with terrifying accuracy, something that no one in the 1900s could’ve foreseen becoming a reality: That, in time, after every owner-occupied house had fallen to the land-lorder, every rental would be transformed into a hotel.

Enter Airbnb, the emerging monopoly that will likely go down in history as the most dangerous and society-shattering company ever created. As landlords convert their properties to Airbnbs… and holiday companies buy up collections of Airbnbs… and hedge funds use outrageous leverage to buy up portfolios of holiday companies… and sovereign wealth funds swallow hedge funds whole… it’s no wonder that the average house will cost $10 million in 50 years.

House prices used to be based on the maximum amount that an area’s average local buyer could afford to mortgage over 25–40 years.

Under the rapidly emerging monopoly paradigm, a house’s value is now the maximum amount of daily rental income that can be extracted from it by a global institutional investor, multiplied by maximal institutional leverage. More…

She risked everything to expose Facebook. Now she’s telling her story.

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She risked everything to expose Facebook. Now she’s telling her story.
by Karen Hao
Posted September 21, 2021

Sophie Zhang, Facebook whistleblowerThe world first learned of Sophie Zhang in September 2020, when BuzzFeed News obtained and published highlights from an abridged version of her nearly 8,000-word exit memo from Facebook.

Before she was fired, Zhang was officially employed as a low-level data scientist at the company. But she had become consumed by a task she deemed more important: finding and taking down fake accounts and likes that were being used to sway elections globally.

Her memo revealed that she’d identified dozens of countries, including India, Mexico, Afghanistan, and South Korea, where this type of abuse was enabling politicians to mislead the public and gain power. It also revealed how little the company had done to mitigate the problem, despite Zhang’s repeated efforts to bring it to the attention of leadership.

Her story reveals that it is really pure luck that we now know so much about how Facebook enables election interference globally. Zhang was not just the only person fighting this form of political manipulation; it wasn’t even her job. She had discovered the problem because of a unique confluence of skills and passion, and then taken it upon herself, driven by an extraordinary sense of moral responsibility. To regulators around the world considering how to rein in the company, this should be a wake-up call. More…

Australia Implements Facial Recognition App To Make Sure Citizens Are Staying Home

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Australia Implements Facial Recognition App To Make Sure Citizens Are Staying Home
by Joe Martino
Posted September 20, 2021

your phone is now your ankle braceletTake a breath. Release the tension in your body. Place attention on your physical heart. Breathe slowly into the area for 60 seconds, focusing on feeling a sense of ease.

The Australian government has begun testing a new stay at home quarantine app that uses facial recognition and geolocation to make sure citizens are staying home in accordance with South Australia’s COVID-19 quarantine orders.

In late August, a group of South Australians were ordered to download to their phone an app titled Home Quarantine SA, available in app stores. The trial group were people returning from New South Wales and Victoria, with plans in place to extend the trial to international travellers in the coming weeks.

The app, developed by GenVis, monitors whether citizens comply with stay at home quarantine orders by contacting them at complete random, and asking them to provide their proof of location within just 15 minutes of being notified.

As users download the app, they are asked to input an image of their face, their home address, and have location services turned on so the check ins can perform properly. More…

The Facts:
Governments are using more and more undemocratic draconian methods to enforce their edicts.

Reflect On:
Is your phone that your are paying for now your ankle bracelet? Who voted for these draconian measures? Who submitted legislation for these draconian measures? What can we as individuals do to provide resistance to these measures?

Why Don’t Billionaires Pay the Same High Tax Rates the Rest of Us Pay?

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Why Don’t Billionaires Pay the Same High Tax Rates the Rest of Us Pay?
by Charles Hugh Smith
Posted September 19, 2021

pocket change There are countless ways for the super-wealthy to evade taxes–funnel earnings through an Irish post office box, buy a tax break in Washington DC, slide the money into one of dozens of global tax havens, and so on.

But a simple one is to report no income and live large off borrowed money. As the billions of dollars in capital gains pile up as the billionaire’s stock holdings soar (thanks, Federal Reserve, for the free trillions; awful swell of you to give us all that free money), there’s no income generated until the billionaire sells some shares. No sale, no income. Just pay yourself $1 a year in salary, borrow against your billions at super-low rates of interest, and voila, you’re tax-free while you build your super-yacht, buy your private island, and so on.

Why should billionaires get to set up immensely profitable monopolies, quasi-monopolies, cartels and corporations in the U.S. but pay near-zero in taxes? Why should billionaires be free to profit from America’s economy but pay nothing to support its citizenry? More…

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