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A City for Sale: Detroit Auctions City Assets for Pennies on the Dollar
By Seraphine Collins and Andre Damon
Posted November 8, 2014

Selling of a city to the richJugurtha looked back at Rome and said, “A city for sale, if it can find a purchaser!” – Sallust

On the side of the Lodge Freeway, a few blocks from Detroit’s historic Boston-Edison neighborhood, stand, row upon row, acre upon acre, hundreds of city maintenance vehicles—backhoes, snow plows, and lighting and utility trucks—all newly-painted and cleaned.

It looks as though these vehicles have been lined up for some great task; perhaps, at any moment, thousands of workers will arrive at the lot, man the cabins, and stream into America’s poorest large city to repair its thousands of broken street and traffic lights, fill the potholes that mar nearly every street, prepare its antiquated drainage system for the harsh Michigan winter, and remove the trash piled up in neighborhoods and parks. More…