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Buried Truth: Uncovering The Keystone XL Pipeline, The Plot Thickens
by Brett Redmayne-Titley
Posted January 7, 2013

XL pipe made in IndiaTransCanada has a government in place that had a growing track record of reducing regulation, loved profit, cozied up to corporate influence at will, and increasingly ignored the good of its people. America. So, TransCanada’s lobbyists went to work in the halls of the US congress, and the Office of the President. Current results indicated past success.

TransCanada must have found the political environment of an American government very reassuring, since TransCanada almost immediately began clearing, fraudulently, a path of non-opposition for their new pipeline. Four years hence, TransCanada’s lobbying at the White House would pay off handsomely as scheduled.

Without any legal federal, state, or local approval at all, TransCanada began a campaign of contacting all property owners along the proposed KXL route. Initially, TransCanada started with a letter fraudulently telling landowners that the KXL pipeline had been approved by the federal government, and that TransCanada had the legal right to seize their lands for the pipeline’s path using Eminent Domain, unless” they cooperated. TransCanada knew they were stretching the truth to shreds, but had the confidence to lie and coerce the landowners into submission. This fraud cost TransCanada almost nothing and yielded great success amongst the landowners who fell for their line and signed an Easement Agreement. More…

If anyone has bought the corporate media propaganda that this oil will help make the U.S. more energy independent, ask yourself this question:

Why doesn’t the pipeline run to closer refineries in places like North
Dakota? This is because this oil is destined for EXPORT, and therefore needs the ports located on the Gulf coast.