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Fracking Goes on Trial for Human Rights Violations
By Kathleen Dean Moore
Posted November 15, 2015

poisoning our water and lying about itWhen industry and governments persist in longstanding practices of silence and deception, it is important to uncover the factual and moral truths about their crimes. Kathleen Dean Moore asserts that the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on the human rights impact of fracking intends to do just that, and also explains why it matters.

As convoys of heavy trucks carry fracking equipment into new oil fields in neighborhoods and wildlands around the world, an alliance of human rights organizations is making plans to put the entire practice of hydraulic fracturing on trial. The court is the Permanent People’s Tribunal, a descendant of the Vietnam War-era International War Crimes Tribunal. The Peoples’ Tribunal is a branch of no government on Earth. It has no power of enforcement. It has no army, no prison, no sheriff. So what’s the point? More…