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Call It Tyranny
By Paul A. Heise PhD
Posted January 8, 2012

think for yourselfTyranny is not a word to be used lightly. It is an accusation of a deliberate attack on basic liberty. It is especially not to be used in regard to partisan politics. Tyranny is something more fundamental and more noxious. So why did the Lebanon Daily News use that accusation in an editorial last Sunday?

The paper was condemning as tyranny and as “extremism writ large,” Senate Bill 1867, The National Defense Authorization Act. That bill, which passed the Senate on a vote of 93 – 7, deserves the accusation and an appropriate response.

The bill is so shrouded in stealth and duplicity that it has the smell of conspiracy. The main provisions were drafted in private by Senators Carl Levin and John McCain but without consultation with the Senate Judiciary Committee, the Intelligence Committee, the Defense Department, the FBI or the Intelligence Community. The word is apparently out that no one is to challenge or discuss this bill. And the entirety of the mainstream media is a willing accomplice. More…