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“Net Neutrality”, Save the Internet Campaign: A Common Carrier Free from Corporate Encroachment
By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers
Posted November 17, 2014

Tom Wheeler, former cable lobbyistThis week has been a turning point in a seven month campaign to Save the Internet. The campaign began when FCC Chair, Tom Wheeler, told the media in May that he was considering creating a tiered Internet where wealthy corporations could pay for faster service giving them an advantage over start-ups, small businesses, entrepreneurs and citizen activists.

At the meeting, Wheeler used rhetoric that sounded like he supported real net neutrality but proposed a rule that would have created a tiered Internet. But, the pressure had became so intense that Chairman Wheeler included the movement’s proposal: reclassifying the Internet as a common carrier under Title II and restoring net neutrality rules; along with his tiered Internet proposal. The FCC wanted comments on both options. The comments started to pour in. Thousands of people were commenting every day. The numbers grew rapidly. More…