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A Hundred Years’ Failure
By Eric Schneider
Posted May 10, 2015

war on drugs failureHow did a law to regulate heroin traffic turn into the costly, futile War on Drugs?

Twenty-five years ago, the stated goal of the United States’ anti-narcotic efforts according to the Department of Justice was to “disrupt, destroy and dismantle drug trafficking enterprises.” That same year, the U.S. government pumped almost $8 billion into anti-drug efforts, including $600 million in prison construction alone. It was just a typical fiscal year during the height of the drug war. But two and a half decades later, despite this dizzying spending, we don’t need a drug czar to tell us—even though one of them has—the war on drugs, by its own measures, has been a century-long failure.

It’s worth taking a look at how it all went wrong from the very beginning. More…