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The shocking truth about the two Chicago Police officers posing in this horrendous photo
by Shaun King
Posted May 29, 2015

who are they protecting?The Chicago Police Department fought to keep private this horrendous photo taken between 1999 and 2003 of Officers Jerome Finnigan and Timothy McDermott posing with a black man as if he were a dead deer.
Maybe it’s because the cash-strapped city has already paid over a half a billion dollars in settlements because of police misconduct the past 10 years alone?

Maybe it’s because it was recently revealed that the Chicago Police Department has a secret facility it has been using to harass people off the record? Maybe it’s because the City of Chicago just passed a reparations bill for the many victims their police have tortured?

Even more likely, though, is that they really didn’t want the identity of these two officers in the spotlight. More…