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In Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago Surveillance State, Controlling the Data is Key
by Bernard E. Harcourt
Posted December 15, 2015

controlling digital coverupsPOWER CIRCULATES DIFFERENTLY in the digital age. It’s all about controlling the digital traces — collecting, mining, sharing, exposing, delaying, or erasing the data. Inevitably, some handling will occur in ordinary politics. But when the data are manipulated in order to obstruct criminal justice or steal an election, then it’s no longer ordinary politics; it becomes a cover-up. With each new day, there is growing evidence of a cover-up in Chicago.

In our digital age, seeing, monitoring, and recording the digital footprints is quite different from sharing, releasing, revealing, or publicizing the data. We are all exposed today, most of us out of our own desires and passions. The political struggle, though, is over who controls those digital traces. It’s not a question of privacy anymore, since we so often crave publicity; it is a question of controlling the data flows. More…