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Paris and the Soldiers of the Caliphate: More War, More Blowback
by Jason Hirthler
Posted November 26, 2015

middle east devastation breeds radicalismEvery major terror attack is leveraged by the West to occupy greater segments of the Middle East and to suppress free speech, organization, and protest at home. Our oligarchic elite must never concede their own role in fomenting terror by terrorizing vulnerable populations. They are duty bound by the oligarchs that elected them to observe an elite omerta about empire.

They must never concede that seven Muslim countries invaded, one million Muslims killed, and tens of millions of Muslims turned into refugees has anything to do with terrorism visited on Western capitals, from New York to London to Madrid and finally, again, to Paris. But of course, those figures had everything to do with November 13th. The entire planet would be a better place if we merely had the capacity for self-critique. We don’t. More…