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Exploring the Roots of Top-Down Power– Necessary to Understand What To Do Next?
By Rob Kall
Posted January 15, 2015

top down powerThe first civilizations appeared, it’s estimated, about 10-12,000 years ago, in the fertile crescent. People started to farm and to domesticate animals. This attached them to land. They began to claim ownership to land, where, before, people were nomadic and roamed. Apparently land that was shared as part of the commons was taken either patrilineally or by “royalty. That would suggest that civilization came about by the theft of the commons. Or we might surmise that it came about because the people with the rights to the commons allowed others to take what was theirs away from them. Sometimes, such acts were done in the name of religion, since early rulers often claimed that they were gods themselves or chosen by god or the gods.

To protect the land and the assets produced by farming and domestication of animals, work specialization was developed and surely, among the earliest specializations was the creation of soldiers and or police. I don’t think it took too long after people starting taking ownership (control, domination, restriction) of land before they started treating people as things to be owned– slaves. More…