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A Model for Self-Governance
by Cindy Kay
Posted April 10, 2016

self governanceThe most exciting thing about transitioning to a self-governing society is that we are limited only by our imagination. That said, we have to begin somewhere. And so I will make suggestions here with the understanding that they will likely serve mostly as launching pads for creativity.

Conventional wisdom says it is easier to begin anew than to retool a structure that is already in place. I would like to suggest a combination of “old” and “new.”

It is possible, even likely, that some will feel uncomfortable being part of a band or tribe at first. That’s okay. Everyone transitions at their own pace and is to be respected for where they are in the process. Those living in proximity who are building free energy devices, planting permaculture gardens, or developing healing modalities will likely spend time together, learning from each other and having fun. The others may eventually be attracted to the lifestyle and want to join in. More…