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The Attack on “Fake News” Is An Outright Campaign for Censorship of the Truth
By Jeff Berwick
Posted December 11, 2016

censorhip of truthThe buzzword “fake news” has popped into the popular lexicon in recent weeks. We’ve been using that term for years, though, when referring to the mainstream media. While poll numbers show that about 9 out of 10 people don’t trust the information they get from the mainstream media, they likely still have no idea just how fake it all is.

It is literally top down propaganda and bears little to no resemblance of reality. And, if there is any truth to it, it is so highly skewed to the local agenda that it really should be labelled as fiction. The US and European governments have taken a play out of Orwell’s book and decided to label the real information as “fake”… and as governments often do, they’re going to use violence (government law) to try to force it out of existence. More…