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Trillions into the black hole of war while infrastructure continues to decay
By Michael Payne
Posted September 17, 2017

war is a black hole sucking our economic vitalityThe U.S. invests only 2.4% of its gross domestic product on infrastructure; in Europe it’s 5% and in China it’s 9/%. Why the great difference? Because these other countries don’t waste theirs on war.

The more taxpayer dollars that are sucked into that black hole of war the more cracks appear in the foundation of America, its national infrastructure, at the center of almost everything that goes on in America; from the transportation of goods to people driving to work and a great deal in between.

This government’s ongoing obsession with war, together with the massive costs of the U.S, military empire are, in effect, contributing to this deterioration which is happening all across America; with the interstates, main highways, local roads, and the rail system. There are areas of substantial decay that we can’t really see, such as bridges, dams, waterways, sewer systems and the electrical grid. More…