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Legacy Media Silent On Wikileaks’ Publication Of Vault 8
by Elizabeth Vos
Posted December 11, 2017

Main stream media has failed usDespite the importance of Vault 8’s content, the legacy press has largely ignored news of its release.

Utter media silence surrounding Wikileaks’ latest publication may be somewhat explained by the shadow it casts on claims that Kaspersky Lab was involved in some sort of attempt at Russian interference, as establishment media claimed recently as part of their ongoing Russian hacking narrative. That the CIA actively impersonated Kaspersky Lab raises many questions regarding the impersonation of Russian and other groups by the CIA.

Increasing anti-Russia hysteria on the part of the media appears to have increased in recent weeks. This comes despite the issue having been largely debunked by the work of the Forensicator, first reported by this author at Disobedient Media. More…