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How to Stop ISP Throttling
by Bill Hess
Posted December 15, 2017

ISP speed throttling You’re in the 10th straight hour of a weekend House of Cards binge on Netflix, enjoying all of the 4K HDR goodness that is Frank Underwood on your new UHD Smart TV.

Suddenly, you notice the video isn’t quite as sharp as it had been. Is that pixelization? And why does Netflix indicate you’re watching their 1080p stream?

You pay for a 60 Mbps connection – and yet, you see speed numbers like this:
Internet screen shot

Later, you’re torrenting the latest episodes of your favorite comedy show – nothing illegal, of course. About halfway through your 3GB download, your formerly 56 Mbps download speed drops to 11 Mbps. What gives?

Welcome to the wonderful world of ISP throttling. More…