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Five Tools To Connect And Trade Directly With Your Neighbors
by Derrick Broze
Posted March 15, 2018

connections for getting off the gridPart of the goal of publishing Counter Markets is to know how to thrive without being dependent on the current rigged and unsustainable system. Our focus is on providing tools for living free while learning to be an entrepreneur and, when possible, live off-grid. To accomplish these goals it is highly likely that you will have to work with other individuals. It is possible for one to attempt to go about their off-grid lifestyle in solitude, but working with other free humans in the interest of mutual aid and growth will be of great benefit. You may end up working with current friends and acquaintances, or you might meet new allies in the push for independence. Either way, these relationships have the potential to help us achieve our goals at a quicker pace than we would alone.

I would like to highlight several apps and websites which are helpful for connecting to your neighbors or other members of your city or town with similar interests. I would like to note that I have not in any way been paid or compensated to promote the use of these tools. I am promoting them as a user who believes they truly have value. These tools can be leveraged to spread the counter-economic message and build real-world examples of such activity. More…