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Awakening – The Storm Before the Calm
by Rosanne Lindsay
Posted December 22, 2018

cosmic stormPower grabs by systems … political, governmental, religious… using fear-based tactics, are a desperate, last gasp effort to maintain control. To the extent that they achieve any control is only because we allow it. We allow others to control us when we give up responsibility to nurture our divine selves. When we consent to draconian laws, and beg for rights, we ensure our enslavement. Natural rights are inherent rights. Rights granted by governments are mere privileges that can be taken away, on a whim. All government law is contract law and ignores the spirit of the law because it ignores the spirit.

During this time of awakening, you may feel out of balance physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. You may experience migraines, joint pains, and sleep problems. These are normal and natural during soul growth spurts. You may experience breakdown in relationships, a job, or your health. You can choose whether your awakening process will be experienced as a roadblock or as a steppingstone by the choices you make on a daily basis. Question whether you automatically resort to drugs, which only suppresses symptoms. More…