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When the Journalists Ganged Up on Assange They Ganged Up on Themselves
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
Posted July 9, 2019

killing of Reuters reporters by US militaryJournalists did not appreciate the implications for themselves of the contrived and false indictment of Julian Assange by a corrupt US government. It was obvious to a few of us that the indictment by the US government, a government constrained by the First Amendment, of a foreign national for publishing leaked material, an action never before regarded as espionage or a crime, was the beginning of the end of any Western government ever again being held accountable by a free press.

Not that the Western World has a free press. It has a collection of presstitutes that serve as a Ministry of Propaganda for the ruling oligarchies.

Still, in principle it was possible that governments could be held accountable. But that possibility ended with Assange’s false indictment. More…