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Change Your Box, Change Your Reality
by Dr. Joe Dispenza
Posted October 9, 2019

cnage your boxMost people can’t change the conditions in their life simply because they are not changing. If they are not changing, when they return to the environment that triggers the thoughts and feelings associated to the problem, they’re right back in the consciousness that caused the problem. When they are triggered, because they have already experienced the problem (and most likely over and over), because they have a neurological network in their brain associated to the problem.

Now let me ask you this—does the thought about the challenge or problem strengthen or weaken you? Obviously, for most, it weakens the person. If you are having an angry reaction to your ex-partner or a resentful reaction to your boss, those thoughts are weakening the body, and consequently weakening your field. If the survival systems in the brain and body are activated by the hormones of stress, then it makes sense that there will be incoherence in the brain and heart. Additionally, the chronic long-term effects of stress create disease. More…