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Assange Case Is A Political Show Trial
By Howie Hawkins
Posted December 23, 2019

political show trialsThe prosecution of Assange, Manning, and Hammond is a threat to the First Amendment freedom of the press rights of every news organization and the right of all of us to know what our government is doing. It is intended to intimidate all Americans who oppose US imperialism and the repressive and authoritarian state practices, including excessive state secrecy, mass surveillance, and police infiltration of dissident citizen movements. The case has global ramifications. Assange is not a US citizen, nor is Wikileaks a US organization. The press freedom of every news organization and journalist in the world at risk if the US government is able to convict Assange, who under the Espionage Act could be sentenced to death.

These three political prisoners must be freed. The Espionage Act charges against Assange must be dropped. He should be immediately released from prison in the UK. The contempt of court charges against Chelsea Manning and Jeremy Hammond must also be dropped. The fines against Manning should be forgiven. This whole political show trial must be stopped now. More…