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Now, We Get Local. Now the World Gets Real
by Tom Luongo
Posted March 21, 2020

competition is cooperation, which will you chooseRegardless of what you may think about the origins of COVID-19, bio-weapon or not, ‘just the flu’ or the new plague, the reality is that it is here. The response to it is real and the damage it has had on the global economy is real.

It doesn’t matter at this point in time whether the response is the right one or the wrong one. Because in an age where perception is more important than reality and has been that way for so long, we have no real frame of reference to guide our conclusions.

We have to put away the childish things we’ve been fighting over for the past five years politically.

How ridiculous and insipid do the identitarian fights over gender, race, sex and color look now? How dangerous and stupid does all that capital, that time spent, look now in hindsight when today people with skills, humility and high executive function are needed? More…

The Facts:
The corona virus is changing reality as we know it. Things will not be the same once this passes.

Reflect On:
We are at a key point in time. We can choose to live in fear and competition with each other, or we can choose to live in caring and cooperation with each other. Which will you choose?