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Taking Your Dreamwork To The Next Level
By Linda Yael Schiller
Posted April 6, 2020

dreamsWe all dream every night, whether or not we recall it. Neuroscience and brain scans tell us that we have five to seven REM (rapid eye movement) dreaming cycles per night. Our dreams give us a window into our deepest and wisest selves, and allow us to tap into wisdom that we cannot access while awake. The phrase “let me sleep on it” when confronted with a problem or dilemma is not just hyperbole; we actually can problem solve and gain insights into our waking world issues before, during, and after we wake from our dreams.

In addition, if we also attend to signs and symbols in our waking life as a form of waking dream, and approach these synchronicities (what Carl Jung called “meaningful coincidences”) in the same way that we approach our dreams, these waking dream states can also provide guidance our lives. You can harvest the wisdom from your dreams that can allow you to find your way back home to your truest self. More…