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What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Winter Solstice and How to Embrace It?
by Becky Storey
Posted December 25, 2020

spiritual meaning of the winter solsticeAt this time of year, the darkness seems to be unavoidable. For most of us, we start and end our days in the dark, even if we’re only on a 9-5 schedule. It’s no wonder that moods drop during the winter season.

The Winter Solstice, in fact, signifies the end of darkness and the slow hike to days of light. After this spiritual night, the number of daylight hours we see will grow longer. The spiritual meaning of winter solstice is in its symbolism for “darkness” and patiently waiting for “light”. The Winter Solstice signifies the final moments of peaceful solitude we might have before the busier season of Spring arrives.

We are encouraged during this time to enjoy the stillness while we have it. The spiritual meaning of Winter Solstice is based on beliefs we all already hold – it is the concept behind the phrase “it’s always darkest before the dawn”. More…