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The Great Unvaxxed
by TE Creus
Posted March 31, 2021

vaccine bubblesThe vaccine was a resounding success. Yes, there had been a final death rate of 10% among the vaccinated, but this was mostly among the elderly or the already ill, so it was probably not the vaccine’s fault, and if it was, no one could prove it one way or another, and even if they could, well, the vaccine manufacturers were not liable to lawsuits due to the agreements they had made with the various governments.

In any case, the pandemic had ended, that was for sure.

Of course the masks and the lockdown mandates continued to be enforced; the reason was that while the pandemic had most certainly been defeated, the virus still existed in its natural form somewhere out there, and so it was vital to continue with the safety procedures to avoid any possible resurgence of the disease.

So what? People got used to it, as they had gotten used to so many other things before that. And was wearing a mask in the end much worse than wearing a helmet or a safety belt? Was being forced to stay at home for a few months every year much different than being forced to be at the office working for five days out of the seven in the week? Rules are rules, and those were not as bad as others that had been instituted in the past. More…

The Facts:
The US Congress passed the stimulus bill that allocated 10’s of billions of dollars to Covid testing and tracing, as well as $160 billion for a nationwide vaccine program that’s been helping state and local governments get the vaccine into people’s arms.

Reflect On:
What sort of Orwellian surveillance technologies, health police forces, checkpoints, and other intrusive elements will be developed with sort of huge funding? Does the fictional story in this article now sound far fetched or prophetic?Once the government has accrued these sort of powers, do you believe they will ever voluntarily relinquish them?