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Memo to Biden — What About the Other Whistleblowers?
by John Kiriakou
Posted April 26, 2021

persecution of whistleblowers continues Former CIA technical officer Joshua Schulte, who is alleged to have released to WikiLeak sinformation known as “Vault 7,” which showed that the CIA was able to hijack the computers in our cars to cause us to drive into trees or off cliffs, and was able to take over our smart TVs to turn them into eavesdropping devices.

Schulte was tried on nearly a dozen espionage charges in federal court in New York last year. He was found guilty of two more minor counts and his jury hung on all other charges. Instead of releasing him pending retrial, though, the judge ordered that Schulte be held at the notorious Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, where FBI agents from the Biden Justice Department recently raided his cell to search for additional evidence to strengthen their case against him. He was denied access to a laptop computer to assist with his own defense, and his complaints of a fully-lighted cell 24 hours a day and lack of heat were rejected.

Schulte complained further that he was being denied access to, and visitation from, his family. The judge forced the Justice Department to reverse that policy. Schulte still faces the prospect of spending the rest of his natural life in prison. And Biden’s Justice Department is pulling out the stops to make sure that happens. More…