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COVID Propaganda Roundup: FBI Announces Plan to Prosecute Americans Using Fake ‘Vaccine Certificates’
By Ben Bartee
Posted April 27, 2021

art being used for propagandaThe corporate press, in its ongoing propaganda campaign to vaccinate the entire fauna of the planet come hell or high water, is now paying artists (loosely defined) up to $100,000 to manufacture obscene, sad “vaccine art”:

“Hundreds of stunning works ― many of which reimagine the V for victory sign or encourage the uptake of the coronavirus shot among underrepresented communities ― have been produced in response to design lab Amplifier’s global callout for PSA art.“

The historical function (and inherent social value) of art is to subvert and challenge dominant narratives:

“Art was born to educate and challenge, inform and inspire, and sometimes, outrage. Great art has been instrumental in pushing the world forward, and it is ALWAYS met with resistance.”

In the truly monstrous, astroturfed #Vaccinated art campaign, what is being subverted is the will of normal people on behalf of the ruling class – a totalitarian inversion of the best traditions of art of any kind. If the sole purpose is to serve power…. More…