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House Hearing: Only Jamie Dimon’s Microphone Mysteriously Malfunctions During Pivotal Questioning
By Pam Martens and Russ Martens
Posted June 3, 2021

JP Morgan Chase CEO, Jamie DimonCEOs from the six largest banks on Wall Street testified under oath yesterday before the House Financial Services Committee. But only one CEO, Jamie Dimon, had an ear-piercing electronic sound emanate from his microphone, which blocked out the sound of his voice, when he was asked key questions by two separate members of Congress.

The situation was so bizarre that Congressman Juan Vargas, a Democrat from California, said this about the episodes: “It reminded me of the movie ‘Young Frankenstein.’ Every time they said ‘Luther’ the horses would get scared. Every time they said ‘Jamie Dimon,’ the computers would get scared.”

Jamie Dimon was sworn in and put under oath at yesterday’s House hearing, along with all other CEOs. The scrambling of just his microphone gave the appearance of a backup plan for difficult questions. Dimon previously got into trouble in 2012 for telling the public that his bank’s London Whale derivative trades were a “tempest in a teapot,” when the bank had, in reality, gambled in derivatives with deposits from its federally-insured bank, losing at least $6.2 billion.

If Dimon needed someone to scramble electronics at the hearing, he would certainly have no trouble finding capable hands. The bank has a history of hiring from among the ranks of the CIA’s clandestine operations. More…