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If You Want Grandchildren, Don’t Feed Your Kids Commercial Corn
Dr. David and Deb Martin
Posted July 23, 2021

epicyte gene causes sterlityIn 2001, Epicyte, a California bio-engineering company, revealed that it had created spermicidal GM (Genetically Modified) corn. So how do you know if you have consumed this fertility-destroying corn? You don’t…because products containing GM corn aren’t labeled with a warning.

According to research cited by Whole Foods Market, in 2011, 88% of the commercial corn was GM modified. Does all 88% of corn have this Epicyte gene? We really don’t know. And that’s a problem. But if someone I loved was trying for a pregnancy (male AND female), I’d say just avoid anything with corn in it unless you know it’s grown from an “Heirloom Seed”.

But the problem doesn’t end with the Epicyte Spermicidal gene that man has shoved into the DNA of the corn. There are two other major GMO gene villains in most commercial corn: More…