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Minnesota Police Expected Pipeline Budget Boost to Fund New Weapons
by Alleen Brown
Posted July 23, 2021

police receiving windfall from pipeline corporationThe same cops tasked with policing resistance to pipelines anticipate financial benefits from oil companies moving into their areas.

Shanai Matteson, who is from Aitkin County and currently lives at a pipeline resistance camp in the area, said that she’s seen police officers escorting Enbridge trucks and machinery as well as sitting with pipeline security at construction sites. “How can we pretend this is a neutral response?” she said. “They are expecting some kind of benefit longterm from the pipeline. To me that says a lot about their motivations for protecting Enbridge and protecting their worksites.”

“They clearly have a belief or awareness that there is a pot of gold should they succeed in stopping the water protectors from being able to stop Line 3,” said Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, director of the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund’s Center for Protest Law and Litigation and an attorney representing water protectors. “This deputy is obviously looking to line the county sheriff’s armory with this money.” More…

The facts:
Police who are using their public positions to protect private interests and are receiving financial benefits from these same private interests.

Reflect On:
Are these police forces not acting as defacto mercenaries for private financial interests under the cover provided by being “public servants”?
Isn’t this sort of merger of corporate and state not the very definition of fascism?