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Environmental Demonstrators vs Militarized Police
By Shea Leibow
Posted August 17, 2021

Enbridge oil spill sheen

Aug. 9, 2010: Aerial view of oil sheen emitting from contaminated vegetation at the Ceresco Dam area between the Enbridge oil spill site and Battle Creek, Michigan.

Although the police claim to “protect and serve” the communities they work in, these confrontational, militarized responses would indicate the opposite. It’s disappointing, but not surprising — Enbridge, the pipeline operator, is directly funding many Minnesotan police departments.

The Line 3 construction permit requires Enbridge to create a “public safety escrow account” that allows Minnesota police to seek reimbursement for “services” including “maintaining the peace in and around the construction site.”

This incentivizes more arrests, as the police can bill Enbridge for any activity related to suppressing Line 3 resistance. The escrow account provides funding for police “personal protective equipment, ” which includes batons, shields, and gas masks. Police have also submitted invoices for tear gas grenades, tear gas projectiles, and bean bag rounds.

Funding police violence against nonviolent protests should cross a line. But it’s not just corporations — the federal government does it, too. The federal 1033 program transfers surplus military equipment to local police departments, free of charge. More…

The Facts:
The government and a corporation are working together to disrupt, harass, and arrest pipeline protestors seeking to protect local water supplies.

Reflect On:
Isn’t such a merger of state and corporate power not the very definition of fascism?