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Billionaires Don’t Make Their Billions — They Steal Them From the Poor
by Julia Horvath
Posted September 18, 2021

billionaires“The only thing better than controlling money and power is to control the efforts to question the distribution of money and power. The only thing better than being a fox is being a fox asked to watch over hens.”
— Anand Giridharadas

If you earned $10 million in your lifetime you’d consider yourself rich. However, you’d still be $990 million away from being a billionaire.

You can’t spend a billion dollars in a lifetime. That’s what hoarding wealth means. There’s no reason anyone should have more money they can spend in several high-end lifetimes while others starve, are homeless, and die of curable diseases.

Imagine a monkey that hoards more bananas he could ever eat while other monkeys around him starve. Scientists would study that monkey. They’d want to understand what’s wrong with him— and conclude he’s a mentally ill monkey. More…