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The Anonymous Executioners of the Corporate State
by Chris Hedges
Posted October 11, 2021

Judge Loretta Preska representing corporate interests

Judge Loretta Preska representing corporate interests

Imprisoning the David to Chevron’s Goliath is the latest outrage by a U.S. judiciary now engineered to favor the interests of capital. Judge Loretta Preska, an adviser to the conservative Federalist Society, to which Chevron is a major donor, sentenced human rights attorney and Chevron nemesis Steven Donziger to six months in prison Friday for misdemeanor contempt of court after he had already spent 787 days under house arrest in New York.

Donziger, his lawyers have pointed out, is the first person under U.S. law charged with a “B” misdemeanor to be placed on home confinement, prior to trial, with an ankle monitor.

He is the first person charged with any misdemeanor to be held under home confinement for over two years.

He is the first attorney ever to be charged with criminal contempt over a discovery dispute in a civil case where the attorney went into voluntary contempt to pursue an appeal.

He is the first person to be prosecuted under Rule 42 (criminal contempt) by a private prosecutor with financial ties to the entity and industry that was a litigant in the underlying civil dispute that gave rise to the orders.

He is the first person tried by a private prosecutor who had ex parte communications with the charging judge while that judge remained (and remains) unrecused on the criminal case. More…

The Facts:
What we are witnessing is the capture of the courts and law schools by corporate power, where attorneys and judges are lucrative cogs in the corporate wheel. The system has law school curriculums that are built around corporate law, and corporate power, and corporate perpetration, and corporate defense.

Reflect On:
If Chevron and its 60 law firms and over 2000 lawyers succeeds in stifling lawsuits against corporate malfeasance using the judicial system as their tool, what would be your recourse should a corporation poison your local water supply? What kind of society will our children inherit once the corporations have total control of the judiciary?