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How the Telecom Companies Are Losing the Battle to Impose 5G Against the Will of the People

How the Telecom Companies Are Losing the Battle to Impose 5G Against the Will of the People
By Claire Edwards
Posted January 1, 2020

5G resistance is growingThe telecommunications companies and the mainstream media would have you believe that the race to roll out 5G is unstoppable. That you are nothing and no one in the face of a lethal multi-trillion-dollar agenda imposed by some of the most powerful entities on the planet.

They thought that if they called their new, alleged “communications technology”, adapted from the military Active Denial Technology, “5G” or fifth generation, the public would just assume that it was more of the same as 4G, 3G or 2G. And if they could characterise the rollout as a race, the public would not have enough time to find out what a killer technology 5G is. How wrong they were! Not only has the public found out, but now they know how lethal previous generations of wireless technology – to be used concurrently with 5G – are as well.

Below is the evidence from a number of different countries that the pushback is huge and growing. The telcos have lost the propaganda war, despite their control of the mainstream media, from which not a whisper of the dangers of 5G is heard, and of social media and Youtube, who have been desperately deleting millions of accounts to silence the naysayers. More…

Discovery Networks Corners Composers in Music Royalties Battle

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Discovery Networks Corners Composers in Music Royalties Battle
By Jon Burlingame
Posted December 28, 2019

David Zaslov, CEO of Discovery NetworksDiscovery has informed many of its top composers that, beginning in 2020, they must give up all performance royalties paid for U.S. airings, and that they must sign away their ability to collect royalties on all past shows on its networks.

Music makers surmise that the policy will result in an 80% to 90% drop in their income from these shows. It’s the last straw for many composers who say they will refuse to continue to score such series as “Gold Rush,” “Deadliest Catch” (pictured) and “Alaskan Bush People,” calling the new contract provisions “unprofessional,” “bullying,” “a corporate money grab” and “evil.”

Some estimates suggest that avoiding ASCAP, BMI and SESAC royalty payments might save them $25 million or so – less than 1 per cent of Discovery’s third-quarter 2019 revenue of nearly $2.68 billion. More…

The Facts: The Discovery Channel is is squeezing original music composers to the point that they will no longer earn a living wage in order to boost profits. and save $25 million.

Reflect On: Discovery Channel’s CEO David Zaslav’s 2018 pay tripled to a whopping $129.4 million. Consider the morality of squeezing creative talent beyond their ability to survive to pay for a small percentage of a CEO’s bloated salary.


Scientific American Warns: 5G Is Unsafe

Scientific American Warns: 5G Is Unsafe
By Dr. Joseph Mercola
Posted December 26, 2019

dangers of 5G have not been testedIn an article on the Environmental Health Trust’s website, Ronald Powell, Ph.D., a retired Harvard scientist of applied physics, notes “there is NO SAFE WAY to implement 5G in our communities; rather, there are only ‘bad ways’ and ‘worse ways,’” and rather than argue about who should have control over its deployment, we should focus on preventing its employment altogether.

Indeed, mounting research suggest the proliferation of 5G for the sake of faster wireless internet could be a public health disaster, so if 5G does end up “replacing cable internet for good,” humanity may be in for a devastating shock in coming decades, if not sooner.

While it may take years to fully ascertain the full effects of 5G, there are early warning signs. People have reported mass die-offs of bees around 5G towers in California,for example, and residents in Gateshead in the U.K. started reported insomnia, chronic nosebleeds and stillbirths after the installation of streetlamps that emit 5G radiation in 2016. More…

Why The Media Ignores Jeremy Hammond While Praising Edward Snowden

Why The Media Ignores Jeremy Hammond While Praising Edward Snowden
by Kit O’Connell
Posted December 22, 2019

Whistle blower Jeremy Hammond ignored by mediaThe mainstream media has devoted hundreds of articles to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, the subject of the Oscar-winning documentary “Citizenfour,” but it’s not devoted the same level of attention to many other whistleblowers and political prisoners, like Jeremy Hammond, no matter how sensational the facts they revealed.

Jeremy Hammond’s hack of Stratfor, a corporate intelligence agency, created global solidarity by revealing how the 1% targets activists worldwide.

The emails revealed that Stratfor gathers intelligence on behalf of private corporations while also sharing sensitive information with local and federal law enforcement. For example, the company spied on The Yes Men for Dow Chemical, after the activists publicly humiliated Dow on behalf of survivors of the 1984 Bhopal, India, disaster that killed thousands. At the same time, Stratfor collaborated with the Texas State Troopers to infiltrate Occupy Austin during the first months after the group’s formation in October 2011. More…

Algorithmic Feudalism

Algorithmic Feudalism
by Michael Krieger
Posted December 18, 2019

corporate censorship of knowledgeAs the share price of Google parent company Alphabet soared to new highs in the U.S. equity market last week, several articles were published detailing just how out of control and dangerous this tech behemoth has become.

First, we learned Google is in the process of secretly sucking up the personalized healthcare data of up to 50 million Americans without the permission of patients or doctors. This was followed by a detailed report in the Wall Street Journal outlining how the search giant is meddling with its algorithms far more aggressively than executives lead people to believe. Despite these revelations, or more likely because of them, the stock price jumped to record levels. This is the world we live in.

Day by day, tweaked algorithm by tweaked algorithm, and with each new thought criminal banished from major digital platforms, we’ve seen not only dissident views marginalized, but we’ve also lost a capacity to access information we’re looking for should tech company CEOs or their national security state partners deem it inappropriate. More…

Google’s secret cache of medical data includes names and full details of millions – whistleblower

Google’s secret cache of medical data includes names and full details of millions – whistleblower
by Ed Pilkington
Posted December 14, 2019

Google now has millions of detailed health filesWhistleblower tells Guardian of growing alarm over secret transfer of medical history data, which can be accessed by Google staff

The secret scheme involves the transfer to Google of healthcare data held by Ascension, the second largest healthcare provider in the US.

A whistleblower who works in Project Nightingale, the secret transfer of the personal medical data of up to 50 million Americans from one of the largest healthcare providers in the US to Google, has expressed anger to the Guardian that patients are being kept in the dark about the massive deal.

The secret scheme, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, involves the transfer to Google of healthcare data held by Ascension, the second-largest healthcare provider in the US. The data is being transferred with full personal details including name and medical history and can be accessed by Google staff. Unlike other similar efforts it has not been made anonymous though a process of removing personal information known as de-identification. More…

21 Trillion Missing from U.S. Treasury

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21 Trillion Missing from U.S. Treasury
by Ann Kreilkamp
Posted December 12, 2019

$21 TRILLION is missingA courageous former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under George H. W. Bush by the name of Catherine Austin Fitts couldn’t believe this vitally important story was being largely ignored by the media. An incredibly sharp economist who once served as managing director of the Wall Street investment bank Dillon, Read & Co, Fitts researched further and has been reporting regularly on the many trillions missing on her highly informative and inspiring website The media has conspicuously avoided her detailed work on this.

Michigan State professor of economics Mark Skidmore discovered the excellent work of Fitts several years ago. He couldn’t believe Fitts claim that $6.5 trillion were missing from the US government. Thinking she had mistakenly written trillions instead of billions, he and his graduate students sifted through thousands of US government reports and were astounded to find not only that Fitts was right, but that the amount was even greater that Fitts had thought.

Skidmore eventually worked together with Forbes magazine contributor Prof. Laurence Kotlikoff of Boston University to compose the below article blowing the lid off this huge cover-up of $21 trillion gone missing from government coffers. Note that once certain officials saw Skidmore exposing this, the government removed many of the incriminating documents from their websites. But he wisely had downloaded all of the documents and has reposted this incriminating information on the website of Fitts on this webpage. More…

How to protect yourself from Google’s Sensorvault surveillance program

How to protect yourself from Google’s Sensorvault surveillance program
by William Wayland
Posted December 12, 2019

Google knows where you are It’s a scary thought: You and your friends are marching for gun control, climate action or social justice when a crime happens a mile or two away. Now you and the thousands of people who attended are suspects. And guess who turned you in: Google.

That’s because Google knows where you are right now, even if location tracking on your Google apps is turned off. And the company is handing over your location information to law enforcement agencies.

Google calls this program “Sensorvault” and its use by law enforcement for nearly 10 years was a well-kept secret until the New York Times recently exposed Google’s operation.

The truly troubling part is that you don’t have to be involved in a crime to be targeted by the police when you’re in the vicinity of a crime. Google’s Sensorvault stores your minute-by-minute travel via the Google apps on your mobile phone. One chief of police even boasted that Google can go beyond just a single location to show your “pattern of life.“ More…

The Facts:
Google is tracking your location, purchases, online searches, and other areas of your life. You are under 24 hour surveillance by a private corporation and this information is being freely shared with law enforcement. These records are stored indefinitely by Google.

Reflect On:
Consider the things you can do to limit Google’s intrusion into your life. For one first step you can use DuckDuckGo as your search engine as it makes its money from ads rather from tracking you.

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