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Relentless Digitalization: Is a Cashless Economy a Real Threat to Privacy and Civil Liberties?

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Relentless Digitalization: Is a Cashless Economy a Real Threat to Privacy and Civil Liberties?
By Sophia Wright
Posted August 14, 2021

cashless society = end of privacyA move towards a cashless economy has alarmed many who believe such a step would mean a drastic move towards a mass surveillance state. With every bank transaction able to be monitored by the banks and other financial intermediaries, and therefore by governments, only cryptocurrency transactions would remain private and hidden from third-party view. The idea that every purchase you make is “authorised and recorded by a privately run commercial bank, giving it a transaction-by-transaction history of your entire commercial life”, represents for many a somewhat dystopian future.

‘Cashless society’ is a euphemism for the “ask-your-banks-for-permission-to-pay society”, asserted Brett Scott in a 2016 article for the New Statesman. The level of subtle control exercised over one’s daily activities would be significant. Scott underlines how “you’d have no choice but to conform to the intermediaries’ automated bureaucracy, giving them a lot of power, and a lot of data about the microtexture of your economic life.” This phenomenon has already begun creeping into Western societies; London buses stopped accepting cash in 2014, Norway has become a ‘world leader’ in cashless transactions, with banknotes accounting for only 3-4% of transactions in the country. More…

Jeff Bezos’s True Tax Rate Is 0.98%, Let that sink in for a minute

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Jeff Bezos’s True Tax Rate Is 0.98%, Let that sink in for a minute
by Jared A. Brock
Posted August 13, 2021

    “There’s been class warfare going on for the last 20 years, and my class has won.” — Warren BuffettEarlier last week, ProPublica dropped an investigation that revealed — surprise, surprise — the wealthiest 25 Americans pay almost zero income tax compared to their net worth. We’re talking Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, Mark Zuckerberg; all the big names.

It’s an especially gutsy move when you remember that leaking tax returns is a federal crime.

ProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power, and they say they got the data from an anonymous source — likely a patriot at the IRS who’s sick and tired of watching the elites take over their country. The leak contains the tax returns of thousands of American’s richest folk over a period of fifteen years. ProPublica says that the report, “demolishes the cornerstone myth of the American tax system: that everyone pays their fair share and the richest Americans pay the most.”

The Treasury Department is investigating the leak, though my guess is that if America was a democracy most Americans would rather have the department investigate the actual tax avoiders and evaders and bring some real justice to the tax system instead of trying to jail a pro-transparency whistleblower. More…

Main Stream Media Admits Fact Checkers Were Wrong — Truth Will Never Be Found Through Censorship

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MSM Admits Fact Checkers Were Wrong — Truth Will Never Be Found Through Censorship
by Don Via Jr.
Posted August 12, 2021

media censorship Over the last twelve months, social media’s expurgation of any and all information pertaining to Covid-19, not part-and-parcel to the mainstream status quo, has become ineffaceable.

Everywhere we look now, we see embedded links to the Covid-19 Information Center on any post that dares even utter the words “vaccine” or “covid”. More pervasive still, are the notices of “this content is no longer available”, having been unceremoniously expunged for allegedly violating the ministry of truth’s “community guidelines”. Being so brazen as to even brand one hundred percent authentic facts as “misinformation”.

Facebook is now permeated with warnings pinned upon post after post indicating “this information has been disputed by independent fact-checkers”.

Ahh yes, the same “independent fact-checkers” that only recently had their financial biases uncovered. Confirming the very conflicts of interest many of us had suspected in the first place, along with their counterparts in the mainstream media. More…

JOHN KIRIAKOU: Prosecutors

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JOHN KIRIAKOU: Prosecutors
by John Kiriakou
Posted August 11, 2021

Gordon Kromberg, collecting trophiesAssistant U.S. Attorney Gordon Kromberg went after Daniel Hale and leads the extradition case against Julian Assange. People should know what he and other prosecutors can be really like. I was in the courtroom and witnessed the sentencing and the vindictive behavior of the prosecutor, Assistant U.S. Attorney Gordon Kromberg, who acted as though Hale’s case was a personal slight. Kromberg is also the prosecutor who has feverishly led the extradition case against Julian Assange.

There is a myth about prosecutors fighting for justice. But people should know what prosecutors can really be like.

They are government employees. They get promoted when they win convictions. They get promoted when they win long sentences. They don’t get ahead in their careers by not charging people with crimes. They don’t get ahead by not seeking draconian sentences.

It’s not about “justice.” It’s about collecting trophies. And remember, an inordinate number of them go on to be partners in major national law firms or become candidates for Congress or governor. More…

CDC: 11,940 Dead 618,648 Injuries and 1,175 Unborn Babies Dead Following COVID-19 Shots

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CDC: 11,940 Dead 618,648 Injuries and 1,175 Unborn Babies Dead Following COVID-19 Shots
By Brian Shilhavy
Posted August 11, 2021

CDC data shows increasing numbers of vaccine adverse eventsAccording to the most recent stats released by the CDC this past Friday, their Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) now has recorded twice as many deaths following the non-FDA approved experimental COVID-19 shots during the past 8 months, than deaths recorded following ALL FDA approved vaccines for the past 30 years.

In spite of these U.S. Government CDC-verified facts regarding the experimental COVID-19 shots, not only are they continuing to administer them, but the big push now is to MANDATE them as a requirement for employment in both government and private sector jobs.

The July 30th data dump into VAERS, which everyone acknowledges is not the full data of deaths and injuries following COVID-19 shots, reveals 11,940 deaths and 618,648 injuries among 518,770 cases, including 12,808 permanent disabilities, 65,272 emergency room visits, 40,873 hospitalizations, and 11,198 life threatening injuries.

This has to be the most censored information in the U.S. right now, even though it is based on the government’s own data and own reporting system. More…

DNA Wars: Privacy Being Destroyed At The Cellular Level

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DNA Wars: Privacy Being Destroyed At The Cellular Level
By John & Nisha Whitehead
Posted August 11, 2021

Your DNA is being harvested by big government and corporationsYour DNA, responsible for making you who you are, is the ultimate surveillance quest for Technocrats and Transhumans. Technocracy News has repeatedly warned against giving up samples of your DNA, but the government has broken down those barriers to harvest samples throughout society. The risks and dangers are immense.

“Guilt by association” has taken on new connotations in the technological age.

All of those fascinating, genealogical searches that allow you to trace your family tree by way of a DNA sample can now be used against you and those you love.

As of 2019, more than 26 million people had added their DNA to ancestry databases. It’s estimated those databases could top 100 million profiles within the year, thanks to the aggressive marketing of companies such as Ancestry and 23andMe.

It’s a tempting proposition: provide some mega-corporation with a spit sample or a cheek swab, and in return, you get to learn everything about who you are, where you came from, and who is part of your extended your family.

Without even realizing it, by submitting your DNA to an ancestry database, you’re giving the police access to the genetic makeup, relationships and health profiles of every relative—past, present and future—in your family, whether or not they ever agreed to be part of such a database.

After all, a DNA print reveals everything about “who we are, where we come from, and who we will be.” It’s what police like to refer to a “modern fingerprint.” More…

Censorship: Facebook Has Removed 16 Million Pieces of Content & Added ‘Warnings’ On 167 Million

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Censorship: Facebook Has Removed 16 Million Pieces of Content & Added ‘Warnings’ On 167 Million
By Arjun Walia
Posted August 10, 2021

Facebook's censorship even larger than it appearsThe censorship of information is at an all time high, but do people really recognize the extent to which it has been and is being carried out? A recent article published in the British Medical Journal by journalist Laurie Clarke has highlighted the fact that Facebook has already removed at least 16 million pieces of content from its platform and added warnings to approximately 167 million others. YouTube has removed nearly 1 million videos related to, according to them, “dangerous or misleading covid-19 medical information.”

An important point to get across is also the fact that these independent “fact checkers” are working with Facebook, who in turn is working with the government. NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden offered his thoughts on the censorship we’ve been seeing during this pandemic in November of last year stating the following:
In secret, these companies had all agreed to work with the U.S. Government far beyond what the law required of them, and that’s what we’re seeing with this new censorship push is really a new direction in the same dynamic. These companies are not obligated by the law to do almost any of what they’re actually doing but they’re going above and beyond, to, in many cases, to increase the depth of their relationship (with the government) and the government’s willingness to avoid trying to regulate them in the context of their desired activities, which is ultimately to dominate the conversation and information space of global society in different ways…They’re trying to make you change your behaviour.

If you’re not comfortable letting the government determine the boundaries of appropriate political speech, why are you begging Mark Zuckerberg to do it?

I think the reality here is…it’s not really about freedom of speech, and it’s not really about protecting people from harm…I think what you see is the internet has become the de facto means of mass communication. That represents influence which represents power, and what we see is we see a whole number of different tribes basically squabbling to try to gain control over this instrument of power. More…


Thomas Jefferson vs. the Federal Reserve

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Thomas Jefferson vs. the Federal Reserve
by Michael Maharrey
Posted August 9, 2021

Jefferson believed a central bank was unconstitutionalAlthough the Federal Reserve is relatively new within the scope of American history, its roots go back to the early days of the republic and the First Bank of the United States, chartered by Congress on Feb. 25, 1791.

A national bank was the brainchild of Alexander Hamilton. His rationale wasn’t much different from those who later came up with the Federal Reserve. Hamilton thought a central bank was necessary to stabilize and improve the fledgling nation’s credit and to better manage the financial business of the United States government.

The notion of a national bank but wasn’t without its detractors. One of the most vocal opponents of the bank was Thomas Jefferson who argued that it was unconstitutional.

The debate was really about more than chartering a bank. At its core, it was an argument about the extent of federal power. Jefferson held to the promise of the ratification debates – that federal authority would remain carefully circumscribed by the enumerated delegated powers. Given that the Constitution doesn’t authorize Congress to charter corporations, much less a national bank, Jefferson argued that it was an unconstitutional act. More…

Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale Is a Truth-Teller in a Time of Systemic Deceit and Lethal Secrecy

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Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale Is a Truth-Teller in a Time of Systemic Deceit and Lethal Secrecy
by Jeremy Scahill
Posted August 9, 2021

another drone whistleblower sentenced to prisonDaniel Hale is a man of tremendous conscience, courage, and moral clarity. It is an abomination that this brave whistleblower has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison after being convicted of exposing the horrors of the U.S. drone assassination programs, the killing of civilians, and the Kafkaesque “terror” watchlisting system run by the government.

President Barack Obama’s Justice Department did not prosecute Hale, but the Trump administration dug up the case and threw the book at Hale in an obvious ploy to stanch leaks about President Donald Trump and his corrupt administration. The indictment Trump’s prosecutors crafted was a dishonest piece of political propaganda intended to criminalize Hale and attack the freedom of the press.

The initial threat of decades in prison against Hale was a cudgel deployed by prosecutors in an effort to break Hale’s spirit and to frighten other prospective whistleblowers. That President Joe Biden’s Justice Department continued this prosecution instead of dropping the Trump administration’s case serves as an ominous reminder that the war on whistleblowers is a permanent fixture of the U.S. system. More…

The Next Great Privacy Battle Will Be Fought Over Your Health Data

The Next Great Privacy Battle Will Be Fought Over Your Health Data
by Bashar Salame
Posted August 8, 2021

health data surveillanceNow is a good time to rethink who has access to your medical profile. Today, many of us routinely disclose health metrics at the doctor’s office and elsewhere without giving it much thought. We also fail to read disclosures provided by social media sites, fitness applications, tech companies, and affiliated third parties. And yet, understanding the terms and conditions within such disclosures could mean the difference between knowing exactly who can access your health data, who cannot, and whether your information is protected at all.

More than 26 million Americans have now shared their genetic information with ancestry or DNA testing sites, perhaps without fully contemplating whether such results are in fact protected. Sure, it’s exciting to learn where you come from and whether you might have long lost relatives out there — but we should also consider whether it’s in our best interest for a third party, be they health or life insurance providers, current or future employers, to access our genetic makeup.

In medical parlance, informed consent is when a patient understands possible side effects or complications, and grants permission to undergo a particular treatment. More…

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