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Into Other Realms

You are invited to use this music as a portal to other realms. Let your mind clear of all unnecessary distractions, relax, breathe deeply, look deep within yourself, and see where your inner self will take you.


Into Other Realms







This music is presented as a gift for your enjoyment. The album “Into Other Realms” was composed, arranged, and distributed so that others could freely download it, share it and/or use it in their creative works. This work has been placed into the Creative Commons with Attribution. This license grants anyone who wishes to use the music in their creations such as films, videos, derivative music, or other art forms by simply including an attribution such as “Music by Avizius”  in an appropriate place in their works and there is no fee for utilizing this music. This license also applies to commercial projects. There is more information on the Creative Commons at the bottom of this  page.


Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

It is my hope that this music will inspire creativity in others. If you incorporate this music into your work, or you simply appreciate this music, I would be delighted if you shared your thoughts or your derivative works with me so I could see how others have been inspired. Please click here if you wish to communicate with me. Your contact information will never be shared with others. The feedback received will determine future works.

To download a song, simply right-click on the song and select “Save Link As” from the menu.


Download all 9 songs in ZIP format, right click and select “Save Link As” from the menu
Download all 9 songs in TAR.GZ format, right click and select “Save Link As” from the menu
Click here for the YouTube video of the entire album

For those who may be curious, the major influencers for my music are The Moody Blues, Enya, Enigma, and Brule.

This album will be available on a physical CD for purchase approximately mid-December. Please return to this page if interested.



So, What is the Creative Commons?

As financial wealth interests continue to push for the expansion of the private encroachment of our accumulated human knowledge, it was inevitable that there would be push back. A large global movement formed around this critical issue and the Creative Commons community has been growing ever since. The Creative Commons website states: “Creative Commons helps you share your knowledge and creativity with the world. We’re helping to realize the full potential of the Internet—universal access to research and education, full participation in culture—to drive a new era of development growth, and productivity.”i

Basically Creative Commons fills the space between no copyright and the traditional “all rights reserved” statement used by copyright law. The tools of Creative Commons allow all creators, whether individuals, institutions, or corporations to grant creative rights for others to build upon their work, all within the framework of existing copyright law.

There are 7 different licenses ranging from Public Domain with “all rights granted”, to others that specify different degrees of attribution, Share-Alike which states that any derivative work must have the same license, and whether commercial use is restricted or not. The license used by Wikipedia is the Share-Alike license that allows for others to build upon their work as long as the Share-Alike license is granted for subsequent works. With this licensing model, the cumulative work of many contributers, remains in the realm of the Creative Commons into perpetuity. The intellectual, social, and spiritual growth potential for the planet has been significantly increased because of this wonderful tool. The Creative Commons which was founded in 2001, has experienced spectacular growth with 140 million licenses granted in 2006, and 1.1 billion licenses in 2015ii.

Sometimes one can become frustrated with all of the problems we face and develop a feeling of hopelessness that we can never make the changes that are needed. The Creative Commons is one wonderful example of how people are quietly making changes that are transforming our society. Maybe, your local newspaper could carry this wonderful story of people working together collaboratively to form vital communities.

By supporting your local public library, remaining vigilant on copyright law and patent right law expansion you are helping to strengthen your community specifically and communities in general. By building self-sufficiency you are making your community more resilient, as well as protecting our environment. By being aware of this wonderful Creative Commons community success story and passing this information on to others, who will then pass it on to even more people, we grow the positive energy in the universe.

If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.
— Phi Kappa Phi Journaliii


iiMerkley, Ryan. “State of the Commons.” Web. 29 Feb. 2016. <>.

iiiPhi Kappa Phi (1952). Phi Kappa Phi journal. 32–34. Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi. p. 45.

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